25 May 2013

Ibanez cheats you?

In my opinion Ibanez is at it again.First they want players to be smart now they want us to be dumb.Them corporate motherfuckers are trying to squeeze more profit.First they introduce the very good Edge and Lo Pro Edge bridge then they replaced it with the so call improve but rust prone Edge Pro and Edge III "the Unstable,Blame the Tech cause he's stupid cause he don't know how to tune the bridge series" ..Later they replaced those with Edge Zero and Edge Zero II which to me supersede both Edge Pro and Edge III. to which prompt me to do a bit of homework at how to explain to my client on which model to buy cause some of the shit model was still for sale in the market.Its the model with the "Z" letter they should get.

Now take a look at the back of this 2013 RG470DX.Notice what's missing..Previously all RG's ranging from RM1500 RG350MZto the RM3500 Premium model has what you call a thumb well tensioner ( Picture on the right). Its to make young Ali,Ahmad,Muthu,Ah Chong,Joe,Francis,Gonzalez,Grosinsky an even Hirohito avoid frequent headache and expensive trips to Tech like me every time they want to change strings.

Them Ibanez Japanese fuckers.Greed and discriminating guitar maker.While inconsistency can means improvement,it can also means fuck up. What more will they think of?I'm not surprise if a variant of the Edge III pop out in production in future. 

So those who intend to get an RG,do quicken your journey.Hurry before they're out.Buy the one's that has the letter "Z" that has the Edge Zero II with Thumb wheel and that stopper bar at the back.

To those who already has it.Yours will become a collectors item. 
Have a copy of this post Ibanez.Thank you for reading.



bamanx said...

1 question Mr. Yus, between edge zero II and zero resistance (ZR) bridge, which is better?

YusTech said...

Both are quiet good actually.However if both were inserted and installed in the most perfect nature (say in a Lab) the ZR which incorporates bearings would have the upper hand which equates to lesser friction/more free play compared to the conventional Knife edge Edge Zero II.

But since both Trem are assigned to two diffrerent Model the "RG" and "S".

You're choice would have to be either one.

My opinion .both are good Trem.

bamanx said...

I see. Thanks for the information. :)

Budu Siam said...

yup bro i already bought the ibanez rg wit ZR system it really cool i not worry to lose my tuning again compare my previous rg edge 3 (suck)can u give a tips how to setup the ZR2 changing the string bro....