24 May 2013

PRS SE Torero

Post 1

A PRS with a locking tremolo?Are you spider butt kidding me? Paul wouldn't do that to any of his guitars.Leave that to Jackson,ESP etc...beside it doesn't look good.That was what I thought a decade ago.Haha..

Despite the FR logo on the block I was inform by James McCaffrey from Floyd Rose support that this is a variant that's made in Korea.The arm tend to jitter and loosen prematurely.A Schaller arm outfit would definitely solve this.

Post 2

The owner of this Torero would like to sell the default EMG 81/85.The electronics included with the sale are the 2 pots,the 3 way knife selector,the output jack,battery connector and together with all of the cable in the cavity.

All of the above going for RM450.

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