18 May 2013


It was around 2002 PRS Guitars started to offer the affordable model to the public.PRS guitars were an immediate hit after Santana Grammy Award clean sweep.Orders surge from both side of the Atlantic.Gibson were scrambling to their lawyers for future lawsuit.As for me at the time I just acquired my self a Jackson PS2 "Though its green its not for the fainted heart I shit you not series" so no expensive spider butt silhouette guitars was going to dent my loyalty..Even though 80's and 90's metal were long gone and the hero's has since switch to either Gibson or Fender.Yes..I was late by 15 years but don't care cause pointy headstock forever to stay.

The first badge of SE were the Santana and Tremonti.It was the Tremonti that intrigue me the most.What's with the bridge? How do you intonate? If its the best the why didn't others followed it? Did Paul distrust the Korean QC boys and invented that bridge? What?they're taking to long to set it up over there.here shove this in... Haha.

As I played with the Tremonti I discovered that bridge work well with my method of tempered tuning and intonation.Its actually genius and hassle free.For those that has played the guitar long enough would understood fretted instrument flaws and how to compensate it.

So from a Tech to a Luthier,a guitar player to another.Thanks for having the same ears as mine and hearing what I'm hearing.

Paul Reed Smith is a genius.enough said.


The guitar has chunky neck.The response from the bridge maximum mass does contribute the unique tone.   

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