30 June 2013

Yamaha MSP5

Every once in a while I get request to repair other things too.This is infact my first time looking at the guts of an active studio monitors.Perhaps they don't break down that easily the reason why I don't hear a lot about them.The owner said it ceased to work after a power failure occured in his residential area.I truly understand the frustration when something like it happened.Especially when you're in a middle a mix.
Given the size the MSP5 is quiet a lifter.Spotting a hefty transformer and 2 big speaker magnets are why it is so.Construction wise its alright and pretty standard.The first thing I look for when opening anything that has amplifying ability is or are the power transistors.Where the hell is it at?This doesn't make sense.Haha.

Its only when I'm done with it I saw where its at.Under the transformer.It isn't transistors but a power IC.The STK401 series.The last time saw I those was when I was in Consumer Electronic Service 20 years ago.Back then a lot of Mini/Midi Compo used them due to its size and ease of assembly or troubleshooting.What I did back then when repairing a "no sound" Mini's was change that STK first.7/10 I was right..Today if it breaks down good luck in trying to find one locally.Try ebay and prepare to pay.

Thank you and enjoy.

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Nick Chan Abdullah said...

Great sounding monitors