28 June 2013

Alert Pt III (its a fake)

Last week a client wants me to restring his guitar.A pack of Daddario string was given to him by his friend.That friend I was told had just came back from China.

Upon holding the pack I straight away said its a fake string you have here.I was quiet surprised myself to have said it that quick.Haha..

Comparing it with an original pack does indeed comfirm my gut feeling.Its seem them factory in China has up the quality....well almost...The strings don't flexs like the original and them ball end are quiet bad.Haha...

The pictures above show 3 pack.1 was featured in similar post not long ago.Click here.
One is a new improved version of it and One is an original pack.I won't tell which one is it.Compare you pack with the one in the pictures.

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