9 August 2013

The Original's,Replicas,Copies and Fakes.

Dear readers,

This write up will be about definition of an instrument in the context surrounding the musical instrument industries itself.Definition which doesn't in any way substantiate comparison.If you're a retailer,this is a must read.
It seems there have been a slight/a lot of confusion or should I say different of opinion/definition to Original,Fake,Copy and Replica guitars in the market.The above has cause some unhealthy remarks,comments,dumb essay's and misunderstanding among readers here in Malaysia. Consumers,Retailers and Tech included.

Suffice to say there's no point discussing it if a mutual understanding is not meet in the first place.
Yustech would like to give his official take on this matter.His opinions are solely based on his experience and finding in which supersedes his previous thoughts.Expect future edits for better understanding.So here we go.....?

Original/Genuine Instruments - The chosen one,The one and only,fill with disbelief,sweat and tears(well almost) when bought,over my dead amps please.Okay enough of that.. Means exactly what it means.e.g. from the lowest model Squier Strat to the very highest Custom Shop Fender Strats are all rightfully own/sanctioned/profited by FMIC.Another Example are the Ibanez GIO all the way up to the J.Custom are rightfully own/sanctioned/profited by Hoshino Gakki.Due to the vast models offered,the authenticity is not question but rather the factory/origin is,in order to specify the made/model and price per se.Plain simple to understand isn't it? Well not quiet,there's more to it and I shall elaborate more on it on another day.For now I may say its sufficiently understood..

Replicas/Reissue//Tribute/Rebuilt/Hey! They''re back again Instruments - A word that's been very much abused of late by them idiot Fake Sellers.From my understanding and opinion Replicas are made to match the exact details of the actual earlier referred to instruments.Instruments that has achieved an Iconic status.e.g.the limited production run of EVH Frankenstein,Fender SRV Number 1 model,Jaco Tribute Bass,Kirk Hammet's Distressed ESP,Steve Vai's EVO Ibanez Jem etc..However its not entirely reserve for artist signature or famous beat up stage axes.Most of you might be familiar with the Fender 50's,60s and 70's reissue,Gibson Historic Models.Some might remember the Ibanez RG550RE 20th Anniversary not to long ago.As we all know that no two wood blank are the same.These Replicas are made using the same or equally at par hardware and electronics as the actual/earlier ones did in order to offer the same essence(if not better) to the consumer.

Copy Instruments(with ethics) - Yes,this word is indeed abused and confused by many.Honestly speaking its not that hard to understand.One is required to have sufficient ability of Reading,Writing and a bit of Comprehension.A company that takes another company instrument design to be their own be it temporary or permanently.Tweaked or Exacted.The difference here is the copier puts their name clearly up there at the headstock.Aside from a making profit its also proving a point that one can make it equally better(sometimes cheaper) than the other guy.Choices and trying to get by with it before getting the real thing. A good example would be the Japanese.As history shows how Tokai,Navigator,Fernandes LPs and Strats got Fender and Gibson consulting their lawyers.Them idiots at Gibson even went after Paul Reed Smith later for his Single Cut models.But they lost and further more the Judgement quote was "Only an idiot could confuse a PRS Singlecut with a Gibson Les Paul.".Haha..Double whammy!
The eyes never lie but the mind will.Its not against the law to imaginate.I did imagine my Aria XL was a Jackson in front of the mirror years ago.Even after I got my Japanese Jackson I'd fantasies its a USA Custom Shop Tailored to my extremely sloppy playing.Yes.I'm an idiot in my own right.Ha ha.Double whammy to me!

Fake Instruments - A word that's never used by Fake Sellers but means exactly what it means.The appearance of such instrument can sometime be very convincing to some.However it tend stop there.The Dimension,Material,Hardware and Electronics are totally opposite to the original.Not associated in any way nor serialized or sanctioned by the Original Manufacturer.Even if it does have one,its not endorsed by the Rightful Manufacturer.

So when you are a guitar seller.You must be able to categorize where your product belong to?Will you?

Bonus thoughts.

Custom Instruments - A popular word that's also been very much abused of late by Players/Fake Sellers/ Manufacturers alike and with good reasons too.Neither black or white the word sits itself in the very center of a grey line sometime crossing in and out of the black and white before returning back.A head turner and money maker indeed.Either to sell fakes or to perceive one as high end.
To give a better understanding let's look at Fender.You have Custom that's either hand built/beef up/tweaked which mostly derive from a default model itself.Also Ibanez J Custom which used the standard model as platform to start with..That's it? No! there's more.

So what if I change my stock pickups/bridge/tuners to another brand? Should mine qualified as Custom? Nope,I'm afraid not.That's called upgrading/degrading your instrument.Call it what it is and as it should be by the maker.Trying to sell off your maximum hot-rod ESP LTD F50 as "ESP LTD F50 Sir Yustech GT Private Custom Special SD59JB.Switchcraft.P.J.K,A.M.N, LE Series" might cause people to mistake it for a FAKE.But I shouldn't stop you from fantasizing yours as a custom instrument.Its all the mind and for the sake of peace of mind it should only be.
Look at ESP,Jackson,PRS etc.. for example.They offer readily Custom  models that you could buy of the shelf but wait there's also a custom made department to cater your eccentric dreams/demands.You dream it we build it! So a Custom Custom/Custom Deluxe/Private Stock/Selected wood from my Dusun Durian Choosed by them is better than the Custom Standard in that glass display?Custom can be a one off model or be made more?.How about I bring my PRS(SE) to Jackson and have them made one like it with a Jackson USA decal up there.?Yep.. please do confuse your customers now..Ha ha.

Fake Birth Certificate Instruments(That's what we call it here) - This is not new and was probably thought/done by many before.Still is.Pure pleasure for few,to bluff friends for some,Sought of becoming what's call an added service for some Tech.Come on man,put your skills where its genuinely needed not where money can be made.Its basically an instruments bought to have its decal(among others) changed to resemble the actual ones.

Job sheet 1 - e.g.Buying a Japanese Copy Strat etc to have the decal switch to an actual Fender or vice versa.Vice versa?you mean like buying a Fender Strat than having it change to Tokai..etc.Well I'm unaware of such thing but I'll like to believe there's a possibility.

Job sheet 2 - e.g.Buying a lower tier model and changing the decals to resemble a higher tier model.e.g. Removing the Squier decal(among others) to put a Fender decal and accesories.

First of all I am impress with people that able to do such level of intricate work however I don't condone such act which could be misleading if went untold.
But by taking into account of the Fake Guitars that's plaguing the country.If I'm so much of wanting it,I would prefer Job sheet 2.At least I'm getting what I'm paying for and am certain that its been properly manufactured with consistent minimal QC compared to the Fakes plus 80% chances I'm getting a good guitar.Am I?

On another note there are many perhaps thousands of great luthiers out there that's has the capability to make instrument that can even surpassed some established manufacturers.It is never the intention of this writer to under estimate your outstanding ability.Your craftsmanship would speaks for itself provided it has proper documentation or your ID on it of course.

Forgive the grammar.Thank you Spelling Checker and Google.Be sure to read my future review of 2 guitars.A genuine Sig. VS a Fake Sig.

Part II Here.
I stand to be corrected.
Eid Mubarak


arrayeniQma said...

saya baca ulang2 entry ni bang... huhu... bila baca part custom tu buat saya terpikir... saya ada cheap chinese strat, so saya try cat sendiri, tukar neck jadi reverse headstock... nak pickup tukar dan electronic parts pakai yg ok sikit, pastu logo decal saya letak logo saya sendiri...dah boleh jadi custom sig ke? bagi saya, bak kata budak "sasya" tu... macam custom jewr, macam custom jewr, macam custom jewr...haha

ok..tq for reading my pointless comment.. :P

YusTech said...

Entry ditujukan khusus pada penjual yng menyalah labelkan product jualan mereka dengan cuba mengelirukan pengguna dan ia melibatkan wang ringgit.Diantara penjual itu adalah juga guitar tech yng mana melibatkan industry saya.Mereka menganggap market Malaysia ini bodoh.Saya tiada masalah ataupun bermusuh dengan sesiapa khususnya pengguna cuma saya menekankan supaya mereka melabelkan definisi product mereka seperti sepatutnya bukan menunggang nama jenama lain.
Akhir sekali saya jelaskan post mengenai pengertian dan bukan perbandingan.

Terima kasih atas kongsian anda.