8 Sep 2013


Buying guitars can be a nerve wrecking experience for some.First of all there's the showroom which doesn't resemble your man cave,the lights are to bright,the at least adequate decent dress up to give some authoritative first impression(if needed),the sudden confusion of choice and selection (ever been to a Nasi Campur Shop with a lot of good Lauk to choose) and of course the salesman.Either aiding or annoying.

The other option is buying online.Though it can be done from the comfort of your home its not as easy as one would think.One is require to do some asking around from those who has experience about before venturing on your own.To date I'm hearing fruitful success from most of my client.The main attracting factor would of course be the prices itself.How do they(the seller) do it? Beats me.I might consider taking ride on this trend too.Its quiet tempting!

For those who do not wish to do all of the above you can opt and consult people with much experience.The Sifus in the industry.The people that not only buy to try or for fun but who are doing it professionally and ethically.They not only know about the product from the book like you and I.They can even describe and prescribe the best to suite your need at that time.

Having said,There's 2 individual comes to mind.Although I never meet both of them,their good reputation supersedes them here in Malaysia and in the state of Selangor especially.They are C***** FX and D******guitars.Yup how about a game of wheel of fortune..Assurance,Explanation and Education are guaranteed at its highest epitome(Its sounds good so I used it..haha)

The guitar received in this post only required a setup and a mandatory Switchcraft by yours truly.As the norm would be for guitars.The more you pay,the more you get and less problematic it'll be(In most case). The internal wiring is neat and tight.Great clean construction.Thumbs up ESP Japan HQ.I suggest the client a Schaller Arm Assy and a Tremol-No later on just in case he wants performances and/or less headache in detuning.Hehe..For now he's taking the Floyd thingy positively without fear or was it because of the impact of the recently Metallica's tour here? Indeed...We will never know.

Thank you and enjoy


commit said...

you're too kind bro... i shall make sure one day to drop by with 2 packs of nasi campur and some teh ais and introduce myself ..we can share war stories ..haha.... thanks..


metal brain asylum said...

fuhhh ouija