11 September 2013

Ibanez SoundGear SR505BK

This Ibanez was bought by a client from a local pawn shop.The complaint was the bridge pickup isn't emitting any sound.Maybe its just a broken hot wire.So I thought.

Upon opening the back cover I saw its fitted with what seems to look like an onboard preamp.A custom DIY one as shown in the photo above.I assured the client I can't promise him anything aside than doing what ever I could.Its a safe answer wouldn't you agree?
The first thing I did was trying to read of the initial on the board.Googling it prove to be a dead end.After looking at the board and flipping it around I saw a broken orange wire(well amost of them are orange in color).So I soldered it to a spot which I believe it should've been in the first place.What do you know,it works!
That'll be RM75 in my pocket Sir.But you just soldered a wire you say?Well Sir,its not really about a particular wire.Its about finding the fault with experience and good hunch.Thank you and please come again.

As for the preamp,honestly speaking its not bad at all.I have to say it has that pleasant bass and treble boost.To Mr.Jackotron?Jack Norton? or whatever name you're known by.Thumbs up to your DIY Preamp.

Thank you and enjoy   

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jessub said...

I have this very same bass. I believe that is the original preamp. My bass’s dob is april 1996. I love mine!