3 October 2013

Charvel USA So-Cal Style 1

In the 80's every joker(almost) owned or have once played a Charvel.Then it suddenly went off the radar at least for the American made series.Later in the 90's they made a short return with the San Dimas.I remember trying 2 of those unsold while working in a music shop.The San Dimas Standard and a quiet unique looking Australian Lacewood body.Soon after the flagship models went to sleep for second time.There's also been discussion about how the Japanese Charvel out performs the USA model.Base on my experience I'm incline to agree with that provided its on a case by case evaluation.So far its nothing short of the truth.
Now,under a strong parent company they're making a firm comeback and I hope it stays that way for generations to come.

This Charvel was sent in to have a Tremol-No fitted in it.Upon opening the back plate I found 5 spring attach to the Trem block.The pulling power of the springs are quiet an overkill and lead the Floyd Rose bridge to lay flat hence leaving a slight dent on the body.If left unchecked it'll definitely damage the paint itself.Unless you want that of course?

There's nothing much to see for a plain looking RM5000 quality made guitar other than to scrutinize and noddle around the neck.It's not as fast as a Jackson neck like any shredder would think but it felt exactly like the short lived San Dimas necks and I believe its how the early original ones was built and played by the heroes of the 80's.Keeping its true and correct.Oh ya,did I mention quality?

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

own one, best stage guitar so far...