8 October 2013

T-Rex Engineering The Fuel Tank Chameleon

As far as I can remember I never receive nor have a chance to have a close look at any of T-Rex's product.I do recall once upon a time in the beginning their pedal did has the resemblance with TC Electronics.Perhaps some of the TC engineers left and started T-Rex Engineering? I don't know.I didn't pursue the matter,it was only from visual comparison.

Coming from a company that initially centered within the effector realm,I was unsure about the power supply market that they're trying to get into.My old school thought is "buy your pedals from pedal maker but buy your power supply from good and safe power supply maker"

My judge by the book by its cover was quickly shoot down as soon as I open the Chameleon.The Made in China could put some dent to it for the mass but if someone were to show me the inside and told me its made in Sweden Denmark before,I would've believed it right away.Honestly!

Thumbs up TC Oppsss,I mean T-Rex Engineering

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