18 December 2013

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul,a model that always manages to raise everyone's eyebrows whenever played or seen by most  globally.Of course its success is not without help from the hands that yields it.In the 60's and 70's saw its shouldered by Page with his iconic low slung posture that's often copied but not faked by many bedroom teens.The music and the axe timing couldn't been better.Heavy Rock was about to pave the way of things to come.It turned out one of the teen grew to shook Gibson demand in the 80's.We all know Eddie.He made us ignore the selector and tone knob for a while in place of the Whammy Bar.Know how is forsaken at least as those without a big whammy will not rank along the flamboyant spandex,lipstick and big hair men of the era.Good thing I was still in primary school at the time.Ha ha.

Did Gibson Les Paul sales suffered is anyone's guess.Shaken and unstirred their perseverance paid off in the late 80's when a group of grown teens released Appetite for Destruction.That 24 bar long intro of  Sweet Child O' Mine gave ample time for all to catch up before hitting the rewind button.Sale of the Les Paul surge again despite Whammy equipped guitars displayed beside it in Music Stores and the rest is ......

The axe featured here needed a change of wind to 50's style wiring and minor setup.The aluminum foil was done by another tech.The string were wrap around instead of the usual though the tail.I didn't really notice any tonal difference about it other than easier rubber band like string tension.The only thing about wrap around style is its less down force to the bridge.Which will be a good if you ask me.

Speaking of being persevere.Gibson indeed has the perseverance in retaining its sloppy finishing method to this day.Not to mention its commonly felt fragility but hey,its Gibson you know.No matter how sloppy they make it,they know people will still buy it.Thumbs up Gibson.

Looking to buy a Gibson underpants.

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