1 August 2014

Gibson Epiphone Sheraton-II NA

Wiring up a Semi hollow is never an easy thing for me.Poking,pushing in components and repeating it every time a washer falls inside.Every time that happen would initiates a 10min of cursing together with 3 sticks of cigarettes.Hence sufficed to announce,I'm the last person you want to see for such work to be done.

After upgrading the pickups to BKP The Mule couple years back,this owner felt another round of that treatment was long overdue.A couple of CTS and Spragues,Bone nut,Switchcraft O/jack and Selector.Simple as any tech sees it but there's actually more to it than that.It concerns the BKP pickups and will be further elaborate on the next Tech Tips post.Till then enjoy the pictures.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

susah ni main selit2 jari...

btw, paterian orange cap on CTS pot tu cantik

YusTech said...

Sumbat ke dalam jadi buruk dah..haha