26 July 2014

Hamer Californian 7

Googling the post title won't result anything other many pictures of the Californian XT,Slammer and the USA model.I've seen 2 of this before so rest assure that this is a Hamer.A 7 string Hamer.Can't recall the exact model for the time being.Its somehow manages to elude catalog prints
.Probably not worth telling I guess.

The work given was installing a Black Modular Preamp.It isn't fully solder-less but a few was needed here and there.At the jack,selector and cap at the tonepot.Speaking of cap,Seymour Duncan provided the wrong cap along with a manual.Its printed .47uF on it and a 474(.47uF) was supplied in the box.So we should follow the web which prints .047uF(473).Thank you Seymour Duncan(mengada-ngada betul).I get the joke.Haha.will always be on my feet...but I don't think my client would be amuse.

Work done,client satisfied,that's it then.

Tidak bergurau bila libat wang,produk dan kerja

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