22 July 2014

Martin OOOX1AE

Years back I came across a peculiar Martin.The shop I'd work for had it years before I knew anything about it.I knew we have some Martin in the room but lazy I was at the time I never bothered to check them out audibly.That's until one day for reason unknown I decided to check out our inventory.As a salesman I need to at least know a guitar tonal characteristic in advance so I could sell one.So putting down the electric for a day and fulfilling the perks of a music store hand I try them out.The Taylor's stuck on lap longer than others.Then theres this one hardcase that looks untouched.I can't recall anyone one of us opening it.It has an odd code for a Martin.Mmm...DXME...Dont touch me?

Took it out and strum it zrppppp.Muffle like a sock stuffed in a dogs mouth,like a loud speaker covered with towel.No wonder it sits there all this while.To its case it returned never to be played again.I heard it got sold soon after I left the company.

This OOOX1AE isn't the case.Its quiet loud as any of its rivalry.Martin had somehow improved its tonal construction by a mile(if I may) compared to its predecessor.Yes,I was skeptic at first but after enough time alone with it,for a not so woody neck,back and side.it is quiet a stunner.Well price too.Thumbs up Martin.

However the guitar did have a slight height issue especially at mid to bass string.A little math had resolve the issue.The preamp isn't that good nor bad.The Fishman Sonitone is lacking a bit of the bass.Some of us don't really mind that.The tonal spectrum are boldly filled on its own though.


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Kurt said...

Stratabond neck: The new definition of laminated-wood neck?