8 December 2015

Fender Squier FR HSS

Firstly,I'm really about unsure about the exact model of this one. Couldn't find the catalog scans on net.It's HSS,2 knobs,Floyd Rose II etc,so forgive me if the title is not right.

As mentioned in a couple entry ago,this is another academic attempt refretting a maple.Well not much to say about the fretwork,its similar to a rosewood job except the final stage.Putting a finish on the fingerboard.

Before starting work,i came across a few YouTube videos showing fretting without sanding true the fingerboard.I wish the same can be done on this one but the bow/slight twist just seem inviting to be corrected.Doing fretwork without truing the fingerboard is something that I failed to understand.The factory trued every neck,so should we.In my opinion this has to be done to avoid leveling the frets more than needed.My aim is to give this a proper but sloppy work.Hehe..However,I did assure my client to not worry about my fretwork,just don't look at fingerboard when you play it..Haha..

I need to correct what I said in video that this is by right a Fender Squier made between 94-98.There's also a Japanese version during that time.Indeed my Fender knowledge were shallower than I thought.

There's one interesting thing I found when opening the pickguard. Cigarette foil were used for shielding,I believe this was done by another tech.Maybe I should keep my cigarette foil instead of throwing them away.Its tempting but I'm gonna pass unless the need arises. Hehe.

Nothing much to write in this post as the key mess process are covered in video.I'm still unsure whether I should accept maple fingerboard refret refinish in future.Only time will tell.

My noobie fretboard urethane process below.

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Rosewood camp


Cikgu Aziz said...

Nice job, especially the refret and fingerboard prep; and really clear pics. Thanks a million for sharing. Wish we had Minwax Wipe On Poly and foam brushes here.

YusTech said...

Bought from Acehardware.I could post it if you wish Cikgu.
Email me.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Thank you very much for your kind offer, it is deeply appreciated. Ace Hardware must have lots of great stuff. Even our local luthier Roka Dyer Maker buys his supplies there.

YusTech said...

Yes they do.Sometime too many.Not cheap but quality grade.Due to that I'm taking my time to buy and try.Hehe

Cikgu Aziz said...

I must visit Ace Hardware the next time I'm in KL. Thanks again :)