12 January 2017

Ibanez buyers guide for Dummies V

Welcome to season 5 of the Ibanez buyers guide for dummies series.I can't believe I had started to write about this since 2012.How time flies fast.If you missed any of the previous episode do click any of the link below as well.

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I think I don't have to explain much as I have a love and hate sentiment towards one of the Hoshino Gakki Division.You see I like Ibanez but the things they do along way e.g. reverting to cheap trem for some models and even signature model is sickening.I mean if it's called a double locking trem then it should behave like one but not like vintage trem.If one can't make it proper then why put it there in the first place.Sell,sell,sell to the unaware is what they do best.

Anyway I'm unsure whether I have written about this or not but five years ago sometime after that Ibanez S470 fiasco I was invited by one Mr Tan a sales rep of Ibanez distributor here to have a chat with someone from Japan.I was inform by him then that this someone is Ibanez cum Hoshino officials.I said to myself well fuck off because I wasn't given the chance for a formal email communication with Hoshino by the distributor from the beginning then what's the point of having a sit down Q and A when the S470 was already out of my workshop."Barang sudah tiada cerita tidak guna".Some weeks before that the boss of the distributor himself one Mr Lewis Hooper was surprisingly not very helpful.He choose to put on the Ibanez hat instead of the consumer hat while I wore the consumer hat and was representing his previous customer which also is my client.If he had given me Hoshino's email then the shit wouldn't hit the fan.He just had to put himself in the way if things when he shouldn't. He's posh english accent failed serve us any good at all and seen by me as a good way of self embarrassment.Apathy is another word to describe this Lewis character then. That was it and soon after I was uninterested to pursue the matter anymore simply speaking back then not one fuck was given to me,their/my customer or the defected S470 itself..As I saw it I was happy to take my opinion to my blog so not one fuck given back in return.Come to think of it I should have taken the sit down offer plus bringing along an Ibanez fitted with Edge III trem just to know how would the Ibanez officials set it right and in tune with no run out like the Edge Zero II at least.That would be a significant learning experience for a newbie like me myself.Oh well perhaps there would be another opportunity like it in future.Who knows.

I shall make this entry short as possible as most of you may have a sufficient understanding of what this series or episodes is about.

So what's in store for us in 2017 Ibanez line up and of course which one to avoid.? Hold on,let me give you a couple good and half good news.As of this year and also from my investigation of Ibanez USA and Japan website,it looks like Ibanez has discontinued the Aliexpress a.k.a Takeuchi look alike trem from hell that's been plaguing all standard and signature model BUT upon checking regional site this had resulted in a different finding. But still,for some good thing comes to those who wait but as always I feel a bit suspicious as in the past Ibanez were known for either accidentally giving something very good or giving something else while at the same time holding another thing(quality) back.However I make it my priority in following Ibanez spec changes. Annually of course or shorter than that.Hey I don't want my friends or any friends be buying shit stuff from this guy(Ibanez/Hoshino).I care not what Ibanez does to itself.My concern is to whoever you are that's reading this. Especially concerning the Standard models and up.

Good news for Sam Totman fans. The STM3MGS now spots an Edge Zero II on board which is always better than Edge III.Better late than never?.So haste yourself to your nearest Ibanez? and Hurray to Ibanez?

So come on tell us which one comes with the clumsy double locking system should we avoid buying this year? As for now ONLY FOUR! SOLO QUATTRO! EMPAT SAHAJA!
Let's hope we can say goodbye for good to the STD DL and Edge III in 2018.

The Herman Lee  EGEN8 PLB

The Steve Vai JEMJR WH

The Steve Vai JEMJRL WH


"Barang sudah tiada cerita tidak guna" means "No guitar no point in talking"

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