4 December 2017

Here's my stand and why.Part III

So yeah I took longer than usual in posting conclusion of my 3 part "Here's my stand and why" series. I had to give it some time to check the thing out before giving my un bias written user review. To me/you this is important. We as consumer should stick together sharing fact/opinion/improvement in the net about any product .Social media,blogs,youtube are fantastic platform.

The stand chosen was from Wabeco and the model is BF1243  #24500 Bohrstander/Frasstander. Wabeco is a German company founded in 1885.Their current business like the rest 80% in Germany is building and selling metal working machinery along with tools and accessory. That’s all I know.Aside from the stand, I bought an XY Table along with some misc. Who knows,I might have a use for them in future that sort of thing.

Freight charge was steep but I didn't know UPS Malaysia was so kind to add another charge on top what's we (I and wabeco) had agreed on with the much anticipated GST. I didn't know UPS also stood for “U Pay Somemore”. Many thanks to “U Piece of Shill”. Don’t assume I’m too dumb to not aware of the fact the extra charge is some sort of incentive/commission for your contracted dispatch company. I did ask your sender in that UPS uniform about it but both they and their superior couldn't explain it which itself very much explains it. Argued for two hours was all yours truly could do before paying it to avoid my stuff taken hostage said by their superior. Bloody daylight extortion to the consumers was what had occurred then.

Out of the box it screamed “China made in Remscheid,Germany”. I now concur the same finding of the another past purchaser from a woodworker forum. I thought any product coming from developed industrial countries such as Germany would something proudly slapped on there somewhere.Yes I’ve looked for it. No Wabeco sticker/decal/emblem nor Made in Germany stamp/punch/embossed anywhere on it.Both I and it must produce the identity papers when ask by my Gestapo like friends or one of us will end up in a camp. Workwork camp that is.The only Germany made about it which I would give Wabeco the benefit of a doubt are the stickers outside both box.Where's the pride in that? Well, into the dumpster of course.

In part IV (yes, one more) I’ll write a summary of what I think about this German occupation in my workshop. Till then its goodbye for now.

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