1 December 2017

Marshall Valvestate 8008

My previous Marshall 8008 entry had spark some positive amount of visits despite having all nude pics without story.I may delete that post over this one.This one look cleaner than the last one plus some more pictures at some area for my/your future reference.This Marshall 8008 came and left my bench many many moons ago.I'm also taking this opportunity to write/rant a bit more this time so allow me to do what I've always done in most of the prior post .That is,writing about something else that may or may not have anything to do with this entry.

To begin with,earlier in my career I didn't have a pleasant technical experience or liking towards Marshall(Peavey and Laney too at some point) products and its retail sector too.I found out there was some components secrecy stigmatising this industry.I'm not use to this initially.You see,I had worked for a very organized Japanese company before.To the Japanese the word organized meant "providing every tool in a form a Analog Scope,Analog Multimeter(our chief tech gets the DMM),Circuit Debugger,Audio and Signal generator,Frequency Counter,Optical laser meter,Hot air station etc and most important thing of all the Service Manual!" Then only then its get to work boys! Its different in the music retail business .Its not even on the agenda.Its like they don't want their product to be in every house or flats in the country except for the middle income and above class.When it breaks down just buy a new one.Much better the shop says.

I had to dig through many forums much later putting on pseudo name for a piece of A4 size schematic(Not service manual).I realise at the time some local dealer don't bother about asking for some sort technical chart(music store calls them) from the manufacturer.Both party are only interested in sales but not service.I must say it was a bit of an obstacle for me not counting the fact I had to buy my own test gear using my own pocket money while they take the glory.though nowadays I don't give a shit anymore because there's plenty of amp forums.I'm staying as much as I can away from any high tech Roland products since they've opened a regional office (Roland Asia Pacific) here.I assumed their service dept is well equip too.The fact that they're not willing to sell a JC120 speakers(knobs too) to tech just goes to show how ungrateful greedy bastards they are.Dear consumers,do care for your gear before that Roland,Line6,Korg,Zoom,Digitech etc decides to hit the bucket.

Coming back to my previous employer and the service manual,I believe the Japanese does it best.Its as thick or more than the operation manual,with proper procedure/protocol of what to use and where to put it,colourful test point with voltage indicated and signal route.The publication were as good as Guitar World magazines.I remember going the library like shelf looking through each model asking myself where was I when this or that model came out.but despite how well each us tech was equip I still got electrocuted on a daily basis.At the end of each day we all went home in one piece laughing it off and ready for the next shocking day.There's more write but I think I'll save some for future post.Hehe

The Marshall 8008 in this entry.I was told by the owner it was working fine then one day it blew a channel.He use the other channel until it too died.One of the channel blew a fuse but the other had a couple of imploded power transistors.Parts were cheap but there was a minimum order 5 each for NPN and PNP mosfets.I remembered back then like a pair of these BDV's or TIP's cost as much as five pairs of it today.I guess component makers had relocated to China too.I hope the quality remains the same but if it doesn't then I have plenty of spare for two or four Marshall Valstate 8008 in future.Till then goodbye.


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