19 Jul 2011

Pick of the day.My Picks.

Players and others like to comment about someones guitars,amps etc...The same goes for Picks.Below are the type of Picks I use and comments received from client,student that forgot to bring their pick and others to me over the years..enjoy..haha

Do you have others?
Its feels like paper.
I can't play with this,
Never mind.
There's no sound.
Might as well you give me a paper.
It feels funny.
It's for cleaning your nail,isn't it.

Do you have others?
No wonder you're good,it's the pick of destiny.Gimme that!!
Did you found it on a river bank?
It's a rock I can't use it.
Teacher,how could you use such pick.
It's okay Yus,I'll go buy a pick.
Are you using this for guitar repair* (*I laughed when I heard that seriously!from a client I bump into while I bought this)

If you think that blue one is thick,Look at what I found today.Wow!!.Are there more like me out there.I wonder what will people say about this one.

Look at the difference between the 3.


subversion.sg said...

thick picks work great for aggressive players but if it's too thick, might as well pick up a rock from the garden...

YusTech said...

haha.you don't say..

nizam said...

i use the same 3.0 big stubby !!