25 Aug 2011

Yus,How do I get that Fender Tone?(joke)

The search for that elusive Fender Tone.
Its question that you hear a lot,regardless where you are on earth provided you are a musician.

Being a guitar tech/tutor,I am fed up hearing it.I should put up a sign in my workshop saying

"Do not ask me how to get the Fender Tone!" and another one "Stairway Denied" Haha

Well... still want that Fender Tone?Read on..

Go buy whats below and do Change your name to Fender Stratocaster.I guarantee people will not argue with you.Crap or no crap you'll hear people saying "Its definitely a Fender Tone coming from that Dude name Fender."

Good Luck Mr and Mrs Fender Stratocaster.May the tone be with you.haha

No pun intended.

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bluesguy62 said...

Frankly speaking, having a 'real' Fender or accurately-built Strat clone helps a lot. But in the end, it's really in the mind, heart and fingers. There's a veteran player over here who could never afford a 'real' Fender. However, he manages to produce Fenderesque tones from a non-name Chinese Strat clone with stock pickups, through a crappy practice amp; of all things.