25 Aug 2011

Maison 4 String Bass

Damn,only 4 photo.I wish I took more,I believe its one of those
"Yus,could you just solder that broken wire" job.

Wow,Maison made this.Sometime you never know whats gonna come through that door.


Khalid Fadil said...

Wah... A photo of me! I remember that bass. Very nice!

António Marques said...

Jesus! I worked my ass off for a month back in the summer of 1988 to get one just like this!!
I was 16 and listenning to Iron Maiden and early metallica. Paid something like 20000 escudos (Portuguese money at the time)that's about 150 USD.
Ended up selling it. wish I hadn't. :)

Antonio (Lisbon)