18 Sep 2011

Fender Tom Delonge Sig.

"Bang Yus,Bunyinye tidak lepas ,Macam dulu.tolong!"

English "Brother Yus, it doesn't sound like it used too,help"

All I saw was its wired wrong by another Tech,after some wiring correction its not my fault if it doesn't like it use too,sorry I don't have Magic dust for your guitar.haha


Khalid Fadil said...

Another horrible wire job... YusTechPro to the rescue! Also, why does the guitar have three holes in the body...??

bluesguy62 said...

This baby could do with a complete rewiring, hardware replacement and thorough shielding job. Yup, the 3 holes look really mysterious.

YusTech said...

wanted too,but the owner didn't instruct to do so.