27 Sep 2011

The Guitar or Bass pots(are you experience)

Here's what I think about Ernie Ball MusicMan
  • Made in USA Guitars are good? (agreed but subjective)
  • Made in USA Basses are good? (agreed but subjective)
  • Ernie Ball Strings are good? (I sometime use em)
  • Ernie Ball Potentiometers are good? (I don't agree!!Bloody inconvenience!!,Didn't come with flat ring washer!)
Stupid of me for recommending my client this pots.Now I have put it as it is without scaring my client guitar.

I had known this for quiet sometime,now to put the record straight and at your Facebook wall.I deem this company a cheat if no Official explanation given to us Tech and Players in 48hours.So EBall you've been inform.Do reply here.

Fucker Ernie Ball,Deleted my post on your wall..haha..Nice.

Ernie Ball replied on my FB.Sept 27th.Here

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings (And Other Products)
Hi Yustechpro. To be honest we do not know what specific post you are talking about. We will delete a post if it is considered to be out of hand. Generally this is in regards to someone posting a cuss word, or other hurtful statements that are not relevant to Ernie Ball or our Facebook page. We would be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Please direct them to our International Customer Service department by emailing nathan@ernieball.com

yustech - I did cuss
you for a reason.l telll it as it is.Look inside your packaging and the picture.I bought maybe 10 pcs so far all don't come with flat washer,even alpha pots of Taiwan comes with one you,Bugger..don't appreciate my money.

What does this tells you about the pots on their guitars?Mmm

Coming soon,Pot reviews single Ohm category - Gotoh,Dimarzio,Ernie Ball,Gibson,CTS(I hope) and PRS(I wish..haha)


Jo @ NoobAxe said...

"'waser' dijual berasingan ya pak"
jawab Wak Ernie.. hahaha

YusTech said...

haha...tengah bengang ni nasib kawan sejukkan jiwa ni..haha

Anonymous said...


YusTech said...

You can say that again, bought 8 pcs,all didn't have that flat ring washer.

No more buying this pot in future.

Anonymous said...

shame on EB lorr.