22 September 2011

Safety Issue my bottom,Either you're Smart or Stupid.

I Discovered this from a local forum.Shocking!!
The essay Below are and as written by an Official GN Vendor Tech ( in Cheras).


Yustech now counter argue his point as written below


I would agree shielding your guitar with copper foil does reduce a bit of noise and adds clarity.I strongly recommend this.
But as for the safety issue,its a case of believing everything he reads from a US guitar site.

I was even lead to the site by this Tech.Before I give my personal "not taken from any site" views,lets learn some Electrics,Metallurgy,Electronics,Components,General knowledge and a bit of common sense.

First of all looking at the year those guitarist died,in America safety issue was taken lightly compared to us here where Grounded(3 pinned plug) is a must.Thanks to the British for this.

As we know copper conduct electricity very well, if there's a big load and you are on the receiving end,I smell me burning.haha

all circuit need ground to work properly,its the way it is.Cut that black wire connected to the spring claw(passive system) and you'll know what I mean.

Putting a cap in between the claw and black wire,further more a 400v cap in your guitar?.Its as if 240v isn't enough to kill you,450v will.haha..put it in then.

General knowledge
Most solid state guitar amps has protection component(Fuses),Grounded chassis and most does use 3 prong plug..All the components work below 20V-50V at the preamp section and a bit higher at the power amps.In a case of voltage burst or leakage the components will die/blown first or fuse will blow before the lethal voltage gets to you.

Common sense.(My Favorite and The Solution,If you're so concern about safety)
Put in 100/250mA fuse between the Hot wire and another for the Ground at your guitar output jack.Any high voltage(doubted) that manages to travel through the lead heading to you will get cut off by the fuse.Kapisch?..If I were the Guitar Tech for them in the 70's,those fella would have survive another gig.That's IF!

My assumption.

The earlier claim by the other Tech is False,Dumb and Stupid.haha..a good way to put fear and make money at the same time.Myth busted?? I believe so but hey!, don't believe everything you read here and I very much believe shielding has nothing to do with saving your life.

What do I know,I'm just That Guitar Tech & Tutor in Greater KD.Telling it as I see or read it.

I know shit when I see one,This one stink and have a nice smell.Haha

Shot down


bluesguy62 said...

Thanks a million. Very informative articles.

YusTech said...

You're very welcome..

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this dumb article??

YusTech said...

WWooo..which one mine or his..Haha