18 Oct 2011

The Pickups Installation Hidden Charges(I like)

The answer will always be "I got it as it is"

Things that you didn't know or forgot to ask about when buying used Pickups,further more an Active one..Want me to use SuperGlue on your pickups??haha.This is why I charge you extra so you know that sometime I provided you the Extras.

Now that you know,next time you want to buy used Pickups,be a smart buyer.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

haha luckily u mentioned "used pickups"

normally a new active (set) would have all those

YusTech said...

Do check the box before leaving the shop.I bought a new set of Blackouts only to find 1 pot missing.Bugger..lucky the guitar needed 2 pots.
The box was compromised at the shop.I am sure 100% of it.