19 Oct 2011

Santanu (I don't know the model)

Since tone is subjective,In this review I will be touching on technical and detail of the guitar.To be frank I am a bit surprise at this guitar.the built is clean and tidy.Stumble it in a music shop.

Price RM699

Have spare cash,want to put you personal touch,want to bring it to another level?here's a list.

Floyd Rose set- RM1000(maybe)
3 Dimarzio Pickups-RM1200(more or less)
2 Dimarzio 500k Pot-RM50
5way Dimarzio switch-RM65
Switchcraft output jack-RM20

Have enough?What?want more,here's 2 more things..

Gotoh Tuners-RM280(overdoing it)
Tremol-no-RM300(I think plus shipping)

Thats RM2915 worth of upgrade part and plus guitar RM699 comes to
RM3614!! is it worth it.Well it depends.You'll definitely learn something out of it.At the same price.Are there something that has all those parts with the same price out there..??
Interesting isn't it.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

santanu make good copies (for it's price), especially lespauls

YusTech said...

the website is not detail..haha

Khalid Fadil said...

I'll always appreciate a quality cheapo... Mainly because its a much cheaper gateway to something awesome for much less!

Khairulsani Ismail said...

I think the model is CK_300.Using S_S_H. The price now is only RM520.