14 Feb 2012

A different CATegory.

Its not just guitars that needs attention.I love animals too.An unexpected visit from a friendly stray.Came by twice and never to be seen again.


bluesguy62 said...

It looks like a good cat. Hope that it will visit again someday, and maybe bring her kids along. You know, animals that we are kind to will pray to Allah for us, that we are blessed.

YusTech said...

its good and smart cat.I stop my work to give this creature my full attention.Its sure was a good therapy for busy Tech.

Thanks Cikgu.May we all be bless always.

bluesguy62 said...

Heh3x, sometimes I think cats are smarter than us. I mean, we can speak any language to a cat and it will understand us. But none of us can really understand the cat language. Ya, we have a 'Dog Whisperer' already, but no 'Cat Whisperer' yet :) I'm so happy that you spent time with this cat. It is good theraphy indeed. That's why there are usually more than 10 cats hanging around my house, and climbing on my table :)