19 Apr 2012


Its "Yus,What do you think of my guitar?" session.

First of all I would like to share to all of you readers/visitors my LTD experience.7 or 8 Years ago after listening and watching some Gary Moore's material.I was infected by an urges of wanting a Gibson or anything that has 2 hum with a stop tail.
The sickness was so pain to endure that I began to hallucinate.My mind was playing games with me.What ever I saw suddenly turned to an image of a Gibson or part of the Hardware itself(Rounded Road sign was the worst).My mind would project the Rounds as the LP body and the post would of course be the neck.hahaha.
But of course a Gibson would my arms back then(still does today).

Until One day I saw an LTD F50BK selling for cheap.Sure it looked nice with the color and all.I couldn't swallow the body design though.Its looks like a shape of spaceship or a sword from a Japanese anime "Voltron" or something.

Suddenly some thoughts occurred
"Yus,look at the guitar bridge,Its similar to the LP".....Yes,it is.
"look at the Pickups.2 Hum, just like the LP".Wow you're right there my brain.
"look at the fret size".Wow!Extra Jumbo for maximum vibrato pleasure.
"Now count those frets".Shit!Its 24!I could go higher than Gary and Slash combined.Haha.
What about the shape then?
"Don't worry about it,better to have something than nothing.By the way,if you can't stomach yourself playing it public then don't bring it out."

Thank you Brain for putting some sense to me.I bought it and head home ASAP.The guitar played great like I expected,the bends and vibrato was spot on compared to my Jackson.As the years(3 to be exact) went by,I began to notice the sound doesn't mature like my Jackson.It sounded like day one with the guitar.Then I swap the pickups.I notice some changes in tone,but that's not what I after.Where's that seasoned tone factor!!??.I noticed my Jackson Tone changed after 3 years in possession.

I read the ESP catalog to know the specs.The catalog showed that the F50 body is made of Agathis wood.Now what the hell is this Agathis wood doing in my guitar.I never heard of it.Its not a proper wood for guitar.Why them ESP cheapskate,you could've at least gave us Basswood.

Year 4 past by,I hated that F50 so much,I named it the "anger guitar".Why?Cause every time I play it, anger sets in 10 sec.It doesn't seasoned!!The antidote to my anger was my old friend,working guitar,the Jackson PS2.Picking it made all quiet in the western front.

I had to find a solution to this F50 problem.Whatever it takes to rid myself away from it and still have a stop tail guitar.A trade was a good Idea.I tried a friends "SX Explorer" and was amazed with it.I didn't feel angry while playing it.I quickly proposed a trade.His used SX for my Used LTD plus some other things included.I could sense his thought at the time.It goes something like this"Bro Yus,you would trade your branded ESP LTD F50 for my beat up SX Explorer..well its your loss bro.you are one dumb Guitar Tutor and Tech.Haha"

The deal went swiftly and I felt happy again playing a stop tail.The SX may only has 22 frets and un famous,but none of that matters to me.A seasoned tone was what I wanted.

As for this ESP LTD EC200QM,the body is Agathis,it plays well,it has 24 extra jumbo fret and well setup by the owner.Its a good guitar for playing them Drop tune.Thank you,enjoy and goodbye.



Assalamualaikum Bang.

I also have one SX Explorer. A bolt on one. Got it 2nd hand. RM280. I guess your is the set neck one.

The neck on my SX Explorer is too beefy (compare to Ibanez RT and Fender Strat MIM) tho I surprisingly can shred on it without too much fuss.

One question bout the pickup switch on the SX.Is the down one for neck pickup, up one for the bridge and middle for both?Quite different switch configuration than my LP 'cap ayam' one.

James Hetfield? Yes.That's why I turn into it.

YusTech said...

Wasalam Din,
Mine was also a bolt on neck SX.

As for the toggle switch configuration.The norm would be.
a) up should be the neck
b) center would activate both pickups.
c)down should be the bridge.

However the configuration can be wired the other way around,like and is found on Dave Mustaine,EVH Wolfgang..etc

Any Local Tech can help with all your needs

Thanks for the Inquiry Din.

Feel free to comment in any of my Post in any way that suit your opinion.

Thanks again.