24 Apr 2012

Yustech,We are angry at you cause you're slow!!

Hello everyone,its me Yustech GT "That Guitar Tech in Greater KD"(Kota Damansara).I would like to write a public announcement.Its an announcement that I never before made.Due to the current work load I will not be accepting any Refret,Amplifier,Mixer for repair.I have come to my sense that its not good to take in all repair work without considering hard about the expected delivery dateline.I have now become the slowest Guitar Tech that ever live.Hahaha.I would like to avoid that in future or at least try to.Hehe

I hope to commence my operation back to normal on the 2nd May 2012.
But fret not,you can still bother me with Setup work,Soldering work,Pickup swap,Guitar electronics work,Nut Job etc...

Below are the list of Great and Experience Techs that I very much trust as an alternative for your heavier needs.

  • Mr. Tham-A legendary Tech in Petaling Jaya.Anyone knows his FB?
Contact 012-2350670

  • Guitar Workshop-The one and only Master Robin in Ampang.Over a decade ago,I use to hang out with this man and listened to him talk about Guitar Technology until 4am for many nights.
Contact 603-42944895

  • GG-This Tech needs no introduction.His workshop is in Gombak.Once I went to his W/shop without introducing myself,but he knew I'm a Tech.Haha..busted I was.He can sense another Tech presence what more a guitar fault.Great guy.I envy his work perfection and also his Phone Number.How I would like mine to be 0192554444...hehehe
Contact 012-3774444.

  • Nonuz The Ego - Though I don't know him personally,he is quiet well known in Cheras.He sells parts too.
Contact 016-2384459

As for the others,I'm sorry if you're name didn't make it here,I've seen/worked on your shit work and I'm dealing with a couple of it now.Not to mention there's even one Racist Tech.Don't worry one day you'll learn about trust,color blind and value of people hard earned money.


LPmalaya said...

aiyak busy ka bos...
bru ingt nk dtg..ada bbrp soalan nk d tanye..

YusTech said...

setakat soalan ..silallah datang lah.Saya cuba selesaikan masaalah anda.