8 May 2012

Ibanez RG2228

Its "What do you think of my guitar" session.

Here's what I saw.

a) Its a good and well constructed piece of instrument using set of well known pickups.
b) Although this is the first time I'm trying it,I would trust and say the neck profile has little obstacle base on past 7 string experience.
c) The use of a Top Lock and Fix bridge with fine tune is ideal and practical.Its also good to make use of some of the Dumb Edge IIIB bridge parts.

Here's what I felt.

a) I struggle and fumble,my left and right hand couldn't coordinate.My mind was processing the situation as a 6+ 2 = 12,instead of an 8.Haha
b) I kept playing the bottom 4 string (why 4?its easier to divide to 2 than minus 2),So I don't accidentally drown myself at the other 4 deep freq string.
c) I "Lag" and "Hang" several times.Haha
d) If I'm a Meshuggah fan it would've felt like at least good but honestly I didn't enjoy it in fact I felt threaten by its existence cause if it caught up with the masses,I would have have to take up guitar lesson.Haha.Not to mention many good 6 stringers selling for cheap which will make me cancel class and buy those.

Here' what I think.

a) Dear Bass player,if there's a sudden shortage of lose "G" and "D" string in town,you now know why.
b) Kudos to those that's able to play it,both you and your "8" has brought guitar playing to next level.
c) I'm a 4,5,6,12 person and would avoid this one.haha.
d) The Next time another "8" turn up in my workshop,I will set and play it as usual at my own time but you'll never see me play it before you,cause "once bitten twice shy".
e) Its a good quality instrument.If you never play guitar but would like to,maybe you should go straight to "8".

Thank You and enjoy the pictures.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

luckily i'm a 4/6/12 player too (5/7 not listed, haven't tried yet)

Ridzi Yahya said...

I quite fancy one of these 8 stringers... Having played 7 strings before...this doesnt really intimidate me.