9 May 2012

Ibanez S470-My open letter to Ibanez Japan and Bentley Music.

Dear Sir

Click here The Ibanez S470.

About 2 month ago I receive an Ibanez S470 SN-CP05066112 guitar for setup,

Upon inspecting I discovered 2 irregularity which caught my eyes.The Anchor stud at the treble string is seen to be touching the wood cavity while the top half remains clear as I would normally see on all of your guitars.Further inspection reveals that the lower insert was drill off axis as the top insert.
The other are the pickups cavity are wrongly line up!I Concluded that this was definitely a factory fault at your part.I put it to you that your "QC" failed to flagged it down.

I have sent it to your Malaysian Dist.Bentley Music on 17th-03-2012.Job Sheet number MD0898.They concurred my findings and would email Ibanez about it.They promise to email me about the outcome.

It been close to 2 month and I have yet to receive any email from Ibanez Japan through Bentley about Ibanez stand on this.My client is chasing me and I'm seen as irresponsible about it.I will not allow this!!About 3 weeks ago I receive a call from Bentley saying that Ibanez couldn't replace the body due to the reason that the "S" series are no longer made in Korea.

The Non Prestige now are made in their Indonesian Factory.Another reason given that they(Ibanez)don't have the Korean "S" blueprint and the Indo made "S"es has some bit of difference mainly at the Neck Pocket.
They However refuse to sent the email copy Ibanez reply,but politely will consult with the people upstairs about.
Due to that, then they(Bentley) propose that I or my client sent this problematic S470 to a Tech in KL.They also provided the figure for the repair.

First of all 2 month?
Ibanez don't have the blueprint?Can you imagine a guitar designer company don't have any records of what they did in the past?From a Tech point of view this is utterly Nonsense!

How could you shift your production to Indo without a proper and well documented blueprint to start with?Do you hire a person to memorize and draw it when you reach there?Nonsense!!
Now I can't imagine your account dept.

I am a Technical person in which I don't just take people's word lightly,especially when it involve my field of expertise.I will have things checked twice before confirming anything or ask when I'm unsure.

The solution given by Bentley is irrelevant to the matter and its best to facilitate my client put forth grouse rather than getting in the way.I didn't sent this guitar for repair,plus also to get a second opinion.Remember its a factory defect,The guitar itself I deem unfit and shouldn't be in the market in the first place.!

Ibanez is at fault here for providing an unfit guitar to the consumer.Any smart and responsible Tech wouldn't want to repair then
guarantee it.
No one should bear any responsibility blindly here.I would certainly don't want to be responsible for someone else shit work,Especially a company that has a multy million dollar facility.You messed it up then you solve it!!Its Ibanez fault in the first place.

My propose solution

"Give a replacement S470 body with correctly align stud insert to my client"

Ibanez Management,whatever your stand is.I need it in writting,so we can move with our daily operation Professionally.I fully believe that this is an isolate issue.I still have much respect and confident for your product especially the new Trem system(Edge Zero,Edge Zero II,ZR,ZR2) and intend to own one sometime in future.As for now when my other client ask me about Ibanez.I will not comment instead I have them read this.

I await you reply from one Professional to another ,Here.

will be updated

A copy for Ibanez Japan and USA.

Thank You
Yustech GT
No 7a,1st Floor,Jln Camar 4/2,
Seksyen 4,47810,
Kota Damansara,Petaling Jaya,
Selangor DE.West Malaysia.



YusTech said...

Its been generating interest across the net.To those that emailed me please follow this post for updates.I will not reply any email.You can read it all here.

Thank you.

YusTech said...

Can anyone give/email a link/copy of Ibanez warranty policy for Asia market.