5 Aug 2012

Sure,its easy.

Hi,I'm a famous Tech in PJ,people send a lot of their guitars to me.I do a lot of guitar wiring,what ever people want I do it for them,its easy,.just tap it to the point.What do they know.They're stupid and that's why they come to me.Most of my client don't even bother looking inside.When its ok then its ok.That's all that matters.

Thank You.

Hi I'm Yustech from KD,people do send their guitars to me.I do a lot of guitar wiring.Guitar wiring is an an Art.Client nowadays are smart and they will check out my work.My charges are expensive and only to those who wants me to work on their guitars.You're actually paying for my experience and opinion.Although you're my client but I know a thing or two more than you.I don't abide to my client request if its found to be conflicting with my stand and belief.

Thank You.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

wow, once again u taught me new technique with that earth/ground bridging wire...

btw, good "joke" on the 1st paragraph :)

YusTech said...

the copper core ground seem to become my fav. now.

Google taught me wiring technique,Noob learns from Pro,Pro learns from each other.In this case there's nothing for me to learn.hahaha