25 October 2012

Gibson Chet Atkins SST

Received this guitar last week,upon inspection I found previous repair attempt made on the preamp.Unsure about the correct component,I emailed Gibson to ask detailed info on the SST preamp.Above is the reply I got.

Sloppy PCB quality,poor records upkeep and apathy towards good relation to guitar tech.USA Signature Model?My friend China made Line6 semi is a bit better than this.
PRS Guitars,if you guys improve in this area,it will be a walk in the park for you guys.hehe.

I took out all the components,sanded the rotten PCB surface,sprayed protective lauquer to prevent future corrosion.I added some metal film resistor for as intended tolerance.Since Gibson don't seem to care about the SST preamp.I decided to take the warranty for the work done on the preamp.So the owner need not worry.

If Chet were still alive,what would he say.Lol..This post might qualify my 2012 shitworks/service series. 

To Rame Eskridge and friends at Gibson,Thank you and enjoy it while it last.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

+1 on the last pic, epic!

YusTech said...

I like it too.hahaha