2 Jan 2013

Ernie Ball MM Luke

The above are two of my past EMG "wire it like Luke" on a OLP and 62RE Fender.The Molex Conn and Signal Router board are useless for 3 pickups config.EMG do sells the Solderless 5 way selector.At USD35 ex.shipping.
No thanks.I doubt the local dealer do stock them.(oo itu ada mau kena oda..haha..jadi dealer pandai,baca catalog tak pandai.chettt.mau juai pikap aje.simpan la parts.jangan risau pasal nak jual.Practical,Quality dan Rege ok,saya rekomen client saya.Seriously ni.)
Unsure about how the real Luke are wired.I went ahead and used my brains instead.I am not going to ask my client to make a new order nor I'm going to wait for 1 dumb I can do with out part to slow my work.

Below is of the real deal.It came in yesterday.Just minor issue like string tension,height and trem arm response.You know how panic we become when having just bought a new guitar...I only had 1 plus hours setting,testing,playing and chatting with my client.All was good and the difference felt bertween an OLP and MM is much noticeable on the hand.Despite the arwkward looks and on my Lap position its an effortless guitar to finger around.The Trem was responsive and none jittery.

Its Quality and Simplicity that deserve its publicity.I don't like it nor do I hate it.Its a serious and versatile apparatus for those who know it.For now I couldn't care less for a company that stingy about Flat ring washers.haha

Thank you and Enjoy

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bluesguy62 said...

Wow. This is something new for me. Thanks for sharing.