18 February 2013

Analogman TS808 Mod

The fault was it cease to work after a couple minutes hooking up to an adapter and also smoke seen exiting the enclosure .According to the owner he unknowingly hook up a Line 6 adapter.Purely accidental and forgiven of course.

Upon checking it I found the diode and cap was visibly damaged.After replacing two I found the Opamp has given up the ghost too.When it comes to Opamp there will be debate about old vs new.Luckily I kept some old ones from my past Hifi repairing years.Never thought they'd come in handy.I would've thrown them away years ago..Haha.

At the time this post is written the pedal is still in the shop awaiting the client collection.Hopefully the new Opamp didn't change the character and he will approve its tone.If not I will be in deep shit..Hahaha

For more info about the famous analogman,visit www.analogman.com


mulysametalmilitia said...

i hope one i can send my guitars and pedal to your shop for repair. \m/

YusTech said...

Thank you for the kind words by the way What happened to your guitar?
Are you from around here?