13 February 2013

Target by Fernandes

Its a Quikie Pickup installation plus the mandatory Switchcraft of course.As the norm would be in putting a humbucker in a Tele,there's always fear that you would  loose the Twanginess after.Thus many would want to be able to go back with a flick of a switch or with a push pull pot.

Personally coil tap wouldn't give you a true single coil.The output is actually weaker than an actual single coil.I say let's go paralell.The drop in the output is subtleler but yet noticeable.There's even a bit of Strat position 4 in it too.Surprisingly this client likes it too.

There just one issue when sharing the paralel bridge with the neck.The sound thin out similar to what we Tech call wrong wiring.But wait....in the Guitar world its called Reverse Phase.Cool name isn't it?And he likes it too.

Guitar Repair Shop.

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