1 August 2013

Panasonic NA-F60A6

A clean boxer is as important as a clean guitar tone.People say things are not made like it use to.Old appliance tend to be a part of the family for decades long after the replacement part became NLA.I remember my hand me down National washer prior to this one.It has only one Big(or two?) oven knob you have to set similar like to an oven.Thumping sound everytime it changes washing stage.The process ends with a loud buzz similar to a problematic flourencent light.A good 10 years of it service to me not counting before that from my "Rumah bujang time"(use google).

The Panasonic above was not spinning due to the worn gear at the spindle base.I was offered a fake replacement part by a near RTV shop but was told I have to do some modification like put washers those kind of shit.
They're now faking electrical appliance componet??? I bet its the same company that makes them Fake guitars and strings too.Ha ha.
I asked for original part and paid RM120 againts the RM60 fake.Should any of you have the washer like mine.The process is quiet DIY and might save you the installation charge.


Cikgu Aziz said...

Great to see the other side of your tech work. And I am also happy to see that you only accept original spare parts.

YusTech said...

When given the choice we try to save as much and when we can especially nearing Raya.Hehe

As for the part replaced.at we know it'll probally give up 4 years from now.Hehe

Cikgu Aziz said...

Yes, it's good to save money for raya, which is here already. So, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Dzahir Batin to you :)