19 September 2013

Tool talk - Professional allen wrench

What does an RC Driver and a Guitar Tech have in common? Nope! its not the wireless.

2 weeks ago I decided to go through my pile of old guitar magazine.I discovered a few RC magazines.I forgot I bought a few of it.I wasn't into RC at all.I merely bought them because it was back issues at the time and cheap too.RM5 a piece I think at the time.It was a side purchase along with guitar mags.I don't know whether that Magazine Shop still there in Damansara Jaya.

I would very much ignore the RC articles and look only at the pictures.There's tool adds by some RC makers.They have mini sized allen with elegant handle which are perfect for us Guitar Techs and Tweakers alike.At the time I didn't know how or where to buy such tools.So I never bothered about them until several years later.I wish Stewmac would make and sell similar tools.Its nearly a decade now and you idiot are apathy to check out other hobby industry.The L type allen isn't very inspiring and ergo to use at all.What about that quick change or interchanging tool tips? Well to me,those are for children that plays LEGO.No Sir,I want Professional single purpose tools.I want to get in,get out prompt and joy.Besides proper tools leaves a good impression to the client sitting in my tiny workshop,not to mention the ability to charge a few dollar more because of it..Ha ha.

Hence recently I made a journey to an RC Shop.Why not.Maybe they have it,maybe not.In most time you want it very much,it won't be available.I have prepared myself for "We don't know what you talking about"."Why you want it?","We don't have it","No stock""We can order it if you want" etc..

To my disbelief they do have them and within a week I quickly complete my allen set.It looks cool,practical and tough.As usual for any new tools I acquired.I just can't wait to use it on a guitar.

To RC Shops,consider this as a free promo for your shop.Hopefully Thanks to me.you'd have sale surge in the tools dept.When you see a/few long  haired dude(s) wearing Megadeth/Black shirt etc entering your premise,chances are he's heading to your tools corner.Don't try to get him into RC.One hobby is okay,two is an overkill but if you want to up your sales commission,have your sales team do some homework on Floyd Rose,Gotoh,Kahler,Vintage Trem,Tunamatic bridge etc.....or  you can always me hire me to do the training for a set of Team Losi Tools of course..Haha.

For any Guitar Tech and Practicing Musicians.This is a must have.

Yustech GT Loves Electronic,Music & Tools.
Thank you and enjoy.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

masih tercari2 "ESP" mini/micro wrench

YusTech said...

Stewmac bro