13 October 2013

Cort Effector Explorer


Yus Yusuf
Oct 5 (8 days ago)

to support

I have this Cort Effector(I was told) sent in today for repair.It has some electronic issues.I wonder if you can give a copy of the operation manual so I can understand how it shoild work prior opening it.

Thank you

Oct 10 (3 days ago)

to me

Dear Sir,

Thank you for visiting Cort. You seen to be in a some trouble caused by electronic issue. But we do not have the manual and the work of the electronic parts is done by our inspector in the factory and moreover your question is not the kind of thing that can be settled out by email. So the guitar Effector should be done by the luthier, hopefully you visit the luthier or repair shop near you.

Kind regards
Cort Support

Yus Yusuf
Oct 10 (3 days ago)

to support
It seems that the electronics is giving the problem.I'm suspecting it might be poor soldering or age of the components itself thats giving the problem.I was hoping assistant in a form of a documented schematic so I could troubleshoot it.It should aid my findings to be factory spec correct.Thank you for the prompt reply.Looking forward for a positive reply.
Thank you

I thought I've seen it all.Perhaps not.So unlike a luthier I took upon myself to open up the back plate and checked the electronics.The last pot seem to have jammed up.I dismantled it and give it a lube.It work again.I'm sure a luthier would do it differently for he will build a potentiometer from ground up.

I spotted a nail used to secure the PCB.I may say this is a work of a Luthier because he believes it adds uniqueness.A guitar tech like me would resort to the lame wood screw.

I notice what could've been a botched battery connection so I replace it with two 9V battery connectors.From my understanding the batteries is wired parallel to fulfill the on board electronics effects.I'm sure a luthier would do it differently.He would've taken an airplane to Cort Korea just to have them build one then and there.Its what's call good service.A much more experience Luthier would ask a Toyol to fetch the schematic because it can move in a speed of light to get it.

Looking at the age the PCB does require some new soldering here and there,off course a Luthier would use a Factory Flow Soldering Machine.

The fretwork is in fact horrible but owner didn't want a fretwork.If it has been a Luthier he would've have joined the to short nip end using his metallurgy know how.

The guitar work alright though there's a slight noise probably due to the old leaky caps but the owner was fine with it.He just wanted the guitar to work again for now.A Luthier would of course disprove this.

Lastly to clear the air.I never visited Cort Factory and please keep all records of the guitars you ever built.Cort Guitars,you are a Luthier.Aren't you?

Thank you and enjoy.
Self learn Guitar Tech not Luthier from KD.


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Master Luthier approves!