24 October 2013

Joyo Power Supply

So you've nailed 99% of the most greatest/toughest solo created so far.So you're rich that you've bought all the guitars,amps,pedals and acc. ever made by mankind.So you're so rich with plenty of time to kill.So lets kill some time by killing some/all of your EHX pedals so you have a good reason to buy new ones.So there you go.If it doesn't kill it the first time,it will soon.What!?Not enough?Alright,.. plug all of the 100VAC/110VAC guitar/bass amps that you'd bought in Japan and America straight to the wall outlet.

Avoid this Joyo if you're none of the above.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

apa kes ni? overload? 9V jadi 90V?

YusTech said...


YusTech said...

Typo - 800mA.