27 February 2014

Yustech isn't a Luthier.

The guitar was sent for a refret.Having a look at the binding state and having no experience with such task,I decided to turn away the work.The owner came again to convince me to do just a refret and ignore the binding.Amicably persuading me that he loves the guitar very much and wouldn't mind the plastic as long as its has new well crowned frets.Well since he wants it done so much I told him not to have any high expectation.As some of you know,as told by Cort Guitars I'm not a Luthier.

So let see what we need for this task.

ABS Binding - Oh ya.I have some of those laying around and I don't know why I'd ordered it years back.Must've been just to finish of the fund.Haha
Macrostie Binding Trimmer - I love tools but I'm afraid not.Its too expensive this time around.I think I use any sharp tools like a files,knife etc.
Binding Tape - I'm using masking tapes,wood block and clamps instead.
Weld-on Cement - Cannot ship by air outside USA.No shit! How about by sea then? Ace Hardware should have something similar.

I encounter several wood chipping while taking out the old binding.I used a natural wood filler to patch those up.Its still visible though.After the new binding was glued and installed there's still some loose binding found here and there.I squeeze in it more glues.The ABS binding is quiet thick but its fairly easy to cut/trim with a rough file,sand paper,knife.Burnishing it with a piece of wood seems to clean out the scratch marks and made it blend.The fretwork follow suit.

I have to say personally,its a good experience for me.Wouldn't mind stepping out of the soldering world and confronting my woodwork fear at the same.Come to think of it,I have only one regret.If I could turn back time I would've done it Gibson style.Binding over frets end.Now that has class.He he



Ijau D. Koceng said...

nice bindings...

YusTech said...

hentam saje..haha

Cikgu Aziz said...

Wow ... challenging repair. But you did a very nice job, bravo.

YusTech said...

Kind words Cikgu.I do what I could to help out.At least there's something to be learn hehe.He he.

Cikgu Aziz said...

You're most welcome. The pics are so clear, it's easy for everyone to learn.