13 July 2014

Charvel 750XL

A Les Paul killer they call it in forums.Well I can't confirm nor verify that especially when its equipped with ferrous block flutter/wanker(Floyd Rose). What I could confirm that its a set neck construction,thick contoured body,short scale with some unknown surprises at front and hidden in its cavity.This is also my first time trying out the set of Reflex pickups attached to it.

Many years ago I used to hang out with Robin the Tech Guru of  Guitar Workshop Ampang.Discussing guitar repair works and him advising me on what to do/not to do on selected work.He previously worked with ROM Custom Guitars which once was the official rep for Reflex of England.I was told the pickups was quiet a competitor in the active market.Offering a different and unique tasty saliva dripping tones over the 81/81 or singles alike.They have since ceased to exist.What's left out there may become collectables or perhaps future tone studies. 

The guts of the Charvel reveals what could be a boost circuit well protected with epoxy like resin(Black Box).The wiring seems to indicate it needs looking into.Lucky I didn't cut it all in a heartbeat.Google didn't result in anything near informative.No info about the pickups either particularly the neck which has 5 conductor.I certainly never seen this.Seriously nasib baik tidak potong kalau tidak apa saya hendak jawab pada tuannya.He he.

Measuring the pickups resulted in odd readings.Too low to be a passive.I concluded the windings are to be in such way to compliment the Black Box enabling both to work as a unit so I guess using the pickups without the Black Box circuit will not work.I don't know,I could be wrong.

The controls are volume and a boost knob,when max out will get you an over driven clean.Sound like great thing for driving tube head front ends without stepping on the floor tanks.Backing the knobs halfway round gets you in neutral.Shut it down gets you some bassy tones(to my ears at least).

The integrity of the guitar looks intact despite its 20 over years age.Worn frets,rashes and dings found all around.The neck was able to be straightened as an arrow.Setup was jiffy.This is in fact a good quality guitar and futher more quiet a rare one to be seen on a daily basis.Thumbs up to this old Japanese Charvel 750XL.It manages to be in the right hands.

You can read more about old Charvel's here.



Ijau D. Koceng said...

wank harder... (i mean the FR)

metal brain asylum said...

wow... reflex humbucker...payah nak carik dah tu.380

YusTech said...

Memang payah,ramai pemunya enggan jual..ebay mungkin ada.

Hisham Depolarized said...

aduhhh, 750xl, gitar idaman neh