15 July 2014

Cool Z LP Jr Double Cut

There must be many more brand in Japan than I'm unaware off.Most would have one thing mind.Giving the actual LP maker a run for their money and quality(silently off course). Take this Cool Z for example,its looks nonthreatening and humble if it were to be hung in a shop.Most would just pass by it heading towards to the Gibby corner.Those with a tight budget may quietly inch near it.Waiting patiently for an available hands for assistane,trying not to make a sound when plugging in.Adjusting the amp so the volume wouldn't exceed more than 2 feet.Convincing the soul not to expect more from it but rather would justify by conversing one self "I needed a guitar,its within my budget...what the hey..so I bought it"

There's certainly no nonsense attention poured to its build.Its so well made that the humble Japanese luthier might wouldn't want to admit it until you showed it to him and say "Hey! don't lie,here it is.I bought it already and I like it very much,Keep up the good work.Thanks"..

Peeking into the cavity the caps seems typical from most Japanese maker,so I thought I replaced it with an Orange Drop.The neck looked back bowed but was easily corrected by loosening the truss rod.Result felt was immediate and responsive without having to do more.Good string action without any fret buzz.Speaking of the frets.Its feature a fretwork method called CFS which are found in most Fujigen Guitars.I'm unable to put forth my take on it.Never bothered to check out the claims but played it like I play any normal electrics.For more info about CFS,Click here. Honestly I have to say this guitar feels above and beyond the ordinary cheapos that one would expect.Its like buying a RM3 roadside burger and found it has 2 patty and taste like MacDee's BiggyMack.Its a MackVellu guitar.

The 22nF Sprague cap were provided by Khalid Fadil the Cap Meister of KGA Tech.Thank you Bro!

Tasty feeling

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