11 July 2014

Ultimate 13 sound strat.Pain and pleasure.

Strats,There's the common 3 and 5.There's also 7 variant tones wiring that can be found on the net.Guitarist,we can never have enough until we try out all.Then its back to 3 or 5.Yup,been there done that.

But 13 sound strat! Yes! That's right 13.I know PRS done it in their 513 model.Only way they could've done it was reinvent or redesign the selector or some kind.Never played one so I'm unable to elaborate more until I see the inside of it.

Impossible I say until I was shown the article from a Guitar Player mag Jan 1989 wrote by Jeff Gehring.It beats and predates the 513 many years before.Over a decade prior officially.Never thought someone actually thinker on the idea what more proving its plausible to undertake the request.The flamboyant fashion of yesteryear had indeed spark off pickups switching galore.What else had I missed from those old back issues.? Must download GP Pdf now!..Pirate Bay here I come.

I was supplied the rotary switch to work on by my client.A 6 pole/4 position.Its has 2 layer or wafer(as its called) each impregnated with 3 poles per wafer.Each pole will throw itself towards any of the 4 positions.Clock and Counter Clock wise(imagine old PRS 5 way rotary but this one has only 4). The client also wanted a push pull for the bridge pickups.Well lets make that 13.5 sound now shall we....and oh ya...and a kill switch too...sure,now its 13.5 sound multiply by 0 anytime you like.He he.

The rotary switch doesn't indicate any company marking on it.As much as I want it to be part of my future service offerings I've no idea of its origin.The equivalent spec I could get from the net were Electroswitch C4D0604N from Element 14.At RM160 to you(RM87 if/when bought) it'll really burn a hole in anyone's guitar plus wallet.There's also a mentioning in the article of a Grayhill's 71B30-03-2-04N. which I very much believe would invite a parliamentary like debate over such spending.

Intricate was the wiring work I had to keep in mind that if I botch anyone of those fragile rotary lugs then I have to order one of the two switch in the paragraph before.High level of worries and alert seems beneficially aiding the process.A process of which the brain will have to take command for the following procedures.There's the reading,DMM measuring,marking,numbering,ticking on paper and double checking.After about 20 times of doing that its finally done.Phewww....This was definitely a challenging task and messy.

When I'm up for it,I'll write a second installment to this,Till then

Uphamol 650


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i think it's more for studio guitar rather than stage/live guitar

kalau stage/live guitar, kelam kabut ni main pulas2 rotary switch lagi waktu perform hahaha

YusTech said...

He he.Special project for the curious heart and ears.