5 August 2014

Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX

 The guitar

This Indonesian made axe is the affordable version to the USA Jackson San Dimas built for Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden.I'm unable to divulge further writings about this band other than acknowledging they were one of the most influential 80's heavy metal of all time.

The body

After searching every folder in my camera phone for the guts shot I realized I didn't took any.Haha...So readers,You may just have to take my word on it.The inner routing is so and so revealing cheapy like body wood material.The white finish looks good from a far but as soon as its on your lap its nothing to shout about.

The Neck

Its good quality neck featured a compound fingerboard which allows slight ergonomic chordal playing on lower register together dismissing any possible dead spot at high register bends at low action.While those are considered plus points in fingerboard technology,my rock licks was dramatically slowed down by its chunky thick neck.It kind of defeats its heavy metal purpose in the first place.Like putting monster wheels in a supercar and expecting it to do 0-100 in 6 seconds.Jackson calls it Speed Neck.Felt more like a Speed Bump to me!
In some area,the fingerboard edge looked overly rounded leaving little room for the string to move side to side generously.Untidy I must say,coming from Jackson.However I didn't encounter string slippage but make that monster wheels,supercar,bumper off,0-100,6 seconds through speed bumps.Mr Smith choice I guess

The electronics

The bridge pickup is none other than the popular G&B.I couldn't make out the two singles but its a stack design type so if you don't want noise in distortion mode,these does it best.You may have noticed its one knob only but its actually came with a tone knob too.The owner have no use for now so he hides it under the pickguard.

The work

Truss rod adjustment and neck angle correction and Switchcraft #11.That's it.

The writter

He is a Jackson user prior a fan after first seeing it in a Guitar World mag in 1990 and was impressed with the Pro Series manufactured at the time but that doesn't mean he won't bash them.He still plays his 99 Jackson PS2 to this day.Fender,Jackson,make your ghost builders earn their money.

Ghost tech.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

kat internet forums pun ramai yg komplen model SDX ni, sayangnya ia mencalarkan nama mr. H

antara sebab ia terkeluar daripada my GAS list

luckily i have charvel so-cal :)