23 February 2015

Tonepros LPM02 into a Epiphone LP Standard denied.

 In the beginning of time(50's and 60's) the world was introduced to the electric guitars.The big four Fender,Gibson,Gretch and Rickenbacker made their way on to the hands of many guitar players.While what would be known now as standard spec copied by many,it failed to deter those who have rocket science brain from putting and patterning improving ideas to some areas of the electric guitars.So in the 70's,80's emerged innovation coming from Seymour,Dimarzio,Gotoh etc...While pursuing innovations of their own,they too understood the need to have some or most of their product adhered to the earlier big two if not four.This mind set thinking is a norm in order to have one's product to be the choice or at least the alternative to a default guitar accessories.Riding on one or the other is common for maximum product sales penetration.To these companies I shall called them the one that "Get's it".

The last sentence on the paragraph before would invite the question "Who didn't get it?". Well readers,this second(and third) paragraph will be reserved solely for Tonepros.As far as my experience goes,the design is practical,no nonsense and high quality but my experience went no further then instruments that came stock with it.As for buying a complete outfit to put into yours is another matter.Tonepros has overlooked most Epiphone owners wanting to put one in theirs.I'm unsure whether its intentional or otherwise but in case you've bought the LPM02,you might want to go back to their web to buy a set of insert post for the bridge and another for the tailpiece.But if you're the adventurer type(which I'm not) you could patch up those holes,re drill them,maybe do some refinish work on it then you're fine.Does this company understand things like "it pops right in" or "No mod needed" or "Conversion in 15 minutes" or "Compatibility no problemo" .I must the only one that's sees a lot of Epi LP here?You people at Tonepros never seen an Epi LP over there?Gibson co. disallowing you to sell a complete set that's perfectly fit any Epi LP?...Let me share here what you wrote on your web about the LPM02

 The last sentence reads "These matched bridge and tailpiece are metric thread and fit most overseas guitars without modification".Now someone from Tonepros please tell me what "Most" means.Does it mean some Epi's but..? Does it mean it fits others but Epi's? My,my I must be living in a cave far from civilization without utility and broadband connection.All those Epi I saw and setup in my life are fakes? By the way.Tell me something.This "Most" guitar brand,It must be a big hit overseas isn't it.? Should add this to the big 4 list.

So here's what I did on the guitar.I managed to put on the LPM02 bridge,its threaded post and the tail piece.That's it.The rest are useless and unfitting,might destined to thrash can as far as my client concern.Do you accept returns?at whose expense? or did my client bought a fake? the packaging looked alright though.Its 2015,what more can I write other than "Tonepros - The one that didn't get it.".Though a dedicated list link telling where should the LPM02 or any of your complete outfit set fits best would be most helpful.



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semestinya.sila periksa teliti maklumat di Web sebelum membeli.

Pada pemilik guitar jenama "Most" .Tiada masaalah.