4 November 2015

ESP Horizon Custom

This is one ESP that I didn't knew exist and it has its own Trem system that I've never seen before.You see when I fix guitars,I look at what the maker put in it.How they differs them self from others.

Let's look at Jackson and ESP as we know today.No doubt these two company has the experiences and expertise to craft fine instruments any day of the week.But you see,those two factors isn't enough to make people see your product as they are on which I'll be touching on the next paragraph or two.

Alright,lets talk design.obviously today we all can tell apart between a Jackson and ESP by the headstock design.Fair enough.ESP has many players backing them but hey so does Jackson too.Infact most major companies collaborate with artist to boost sales.Nothing new here.What about electronics?Sure todays ESP's comes with SD's,EMG's and what not but again so does Jackson too.Hey, I could buy those pickups that's in your guitars anytime from a SD or EMG or Dimarzio dealer.Looking at the hardware its seems both ESP' and Jackson putting Floyd Rose,Gotoh,Tone Pros or some other commercially available hardware.Shit,I too can buy those if I wish.Tell me what uniqueness you put in your guitars other than what's mentioned above.Let me tell you...NOTHING!

Do I sound angry,...well a bit cause some companies don't seem to get it.Furthermore these companies came to be long ago.Jackson too,they stop making their own pickups long ago.Buying someone else's underwear shoving it in their guitars and selling it high.Dumb shit heads like me buys them and shouts "hey friend look,I bought a Jackson/ESP etc".Well look again bro,what your paying for are actually the body,paint,neck and their overtimes.The hardware and pickups came from someone else kitchen.What's your R&D people doing aside from knocking tonewoods all day long.Instead of CNC simulation,shows us your innovation or evolution.Talk to your hardware supplier.Ask them to make something just for you exclusively.Ibanez sat down with Gotoh to develop their own bridge.Look at how Fender,Gibson,PRS,G&L,MusicMan, develop their own bridge system( and pickups too).They understood that proprietary technology are as much as important as the players that represent the brand.Being able to say "it started with this then we developed this and that,like it or not its only from us!".

Here in this guitar which was your past creation you have your own Trem system you developed called the Synclair.I don't know if its the designer name but I'm quiet impressed by the design.I'm unsure whether you'd bought this from someone else or is it your own R&D that invented it.Honestly speaking I'd give you guys a thumbs up for the effort and might give you two if you'd ensure its existence.Its you baby,its your creation,its your innovation.The hell happened to it I have no idea.The demise of the Synclair is quiet sad.The quality is up there with its rival and back then I believe its ahead of Mr FR.

The ESP Horizon in this post needed only refurbishing to work again.All jammed pots were changed to CTS.The default neck pickup broke and were replaced with Seymour Duncan.Setup was a breeze due to its quality.That's that.

I don't get it


Ijau D. Koceng said...

pre-lawsuit era headstock... rare

as always, admiring your soldering works

YusTech said...

Its confortable to play too.Great axe.

LordRevan said...

I have seen a guitar like this with 3 pots and a headstock saying ESP Professional instead of Horizon but it looks like this one.

YusTech said...

Appreciate the new info.I don't have any info about the model you've seen but anyway Thanks