6 April 2018

No its not that guitar brand!

 I found this guitar file in my old 2015/16 camera phone drive. I think I've posted a picture of it in my old FB before it got reported by many offended users and disabled by Facebook. I'm still in dark about why and which post that cause that but I guess expressing thought over there has a limit as long as it does not offend certain people from any particular group. All I wrote about are mostly guitars related.LOL. I've made a new account but has no interest to login over there. I think I just leave it there for the sake of having an FB account. Face to face networking is much better. Hehe

The guitar in this post is not that brand you think coming from Stevensville USA. It's shall I say without offending the fake sellers as a look alike what ever makes you happy version. It has been a round setup by a few but yet failed to give comfort to the owner.

The string height seem gradually high going up to the higher octaves. Its a set neck construction so a neck shim was out of the question. Saddles and stud had been lowered to the max but made no difference than before. No RM300 super pro intonation,stewmac neck jig setup or custom buffalo horn nut is going to fix this boy and boy, don't call it a PRS when its not! Clearly you cannot detect the flaw nor the originality status of this guitar. Call yourself a luthier. What a scam and what a shame.LOL

The only remedy I could thought of then was to deepen the bridge area so there's room for the height play. Down it went and the action had been improved substantially. No neck jig needed, just common sense boy.

I didn't have an exact template so I used four pieces of Daiso MDF block double stick as a rectangle guide router template. It worked fine. I didn't have any black paint to layer the exposed wood so I used black marker instead. Not a great look compared to the exposed wood look but the again its okay to my eyes while avoiding moisture to sip in. If you keen about moisture towards imstrument click here.

I'm not a guitar builder but I can spot a wrong when I see or feel it. Of only them fake guitar makers and sellers understood what is neck angle,it wouldn't have to come to this.

Not a luthier

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