5 Oct 2011

Yamaha SGV800

Once upon a time 30 years ago,in Japan.A new worker in a guitar factory was trying to cut and replicate an explorer body using a CNC machine.After done keying the XYZ in the CNC he went to the the toilet and the machine started to route.

20 minutes later he comes back and was shock to see the body route didn't look like an explorer.He keyed the wrong setup on the CNC machine,Its now an Explorer gone wrong.

as he was trying to figure out what to do with the body along came the CEO on Standard General Visit.The CEO saw the guitar body and yelled "What's that??!!Who did this!!?".The worker admitted and apologize for what happened.

CEO said to the worker"you are a genius,finally an original design,What the hell are my designer team doing?from tomorrow you are the Chief of Guitar and Bass Design Dept. and this will be call the SGV series"



Khalid Fadil said...

HAHA!!! Funny ass story, man! WOOH!!!

Nick Chan Abdullah said...