13 February 2012

Boss ME10

I refuse to repair.


bluesguy62 said...

Thanks for the detailed pics. Here's some info on the mysterious IC40.

IC Code: IC40
Part Number: 15209138
Model Number: MN86081
Description: 16-bit A/D Convertor

Kurt said...

Too much computer in it....OK computer? naaaahhh!

Word verification: tratism

YusTech said...

Thanks Cikgu.Unfortunately I had to pass this repair due to cost concern.

Kurt.many IC that I do no about in this one..haha

bluesguy62 said...

Kurt: it does look like the insides of a computer, doesn't it? YT: Most welcome, sifu. I do understand that it's in bad shape and cost concerns would have to be taken into account. But I had a lot of fun investigating the IC40 on the web :)